Make learning a lifetime adventure starting at L3 Academy

A seriously fun learning center, L3 Academy offers much more than most after school and enrichment programs do by taking it a step further.

We hope to capitalize on a child's natural curiosity about the world around them to think critically and solve problems.

L3 Robotics Club

Do you love robotics? Are you seeking more challenges? Maybe even competition. L3 Robotics Club is here for you! Build competency with like-minded students.

Coding Academy

L3 Academy believes coding is a unique language and gaining programming skills require practice. Our programs aim to build on those successes in order to create basic to simple games, interactive stories or apps.

Young Learners

With an innate curiosity, our young students take experiential learning to the next level. Our mission is to instill a lifelong love of learning with our Young Learners Programs for students ages 4 to 6.


L3 Academy believes competition is healthy, but winning is not the main point (though it is rather nice). Competition challenges individuals to strive to be their best by meeting challenges head on.

Math & Science

At L3, we build foundational knowledge and offer challenges to foster the love of math and science. From logic problems to high concepts in math and science, our students are taught to love and understand math.


Beyond the lemonade stand, there are kids businesses that flourish and even make millions. With a combined 50 years of business experience, L3 Business Incubator will work with kids start their business.

Spotlight : NJ Teacher’s Convention: Sizzlin’ STEM Camp

  • Teacher's Convention: Sizzling STEM Mini Camp

    Looking for something to do during Teacher’s Convention? Why not escape an Egyptian Tomb, build robots, build bridges and tunnels or even solve a mystery? In our two-day Teacher’s Convention Camps (Nov. 9 and 10, 2017), your child can do all that and more. Grades K-6. Hosted at Glen Ridge Congregational Church (195 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028).

    Register for both days here or register just for Nov. 9 or Nov. 10.

    From Grades K-6, each day is filled with a different activity. Below is a sample schedule for each day. All activities remain the same, but the timing may change based on your campers group.

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