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2017 Calendar

  • Nov. 9-10 Teacher’s Convention Camp(s)
  • Nov 22-25 L3 Closed/No classes
  • November 25 Small Business Saturday: Minecraft Mania
  • Dec. 1 Winter Class Registration Starts
  • Dec. 2 Santa Clause photos/Open House
  • Dec. 15 Winter Class Early Bird Registration Ends
  • Dec. 23-26 L3 Academy Closed for the Holidays

Immersion at a young age for language fluency

  • Posted On March 7, 2013

Studies have shown that language acquisition and true bilingualism starts at a young age and a recent study showed cognitive development in bilingual toddlers were better. Learning a foreign language is never easy, but having an early start will help your children reap the benefits of proficiency or fluency including: Increasing critical

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