L3 Academy Hosts Blood Activity Table for NY Academy of Sciences Family Science Night

L3 Academy Hosts Blood Activity Table for NY Academy of Sciences Family Science Night

  • Posted On February 5, 2018

L3 Academy was so honored and excited about the invitation from the NY Academy of Sciences Family Science Night program for middle schoolers at the Link Community Charter School in Newark, NJ. Literally, it was receiving an invitation to attend one of those TV award shows everyone – Oscar Night? Academy Award? Or some something like that.

L3 Academy co-founders Yin Chang & Kim McGuire volunteered their time to show middle schoolers are Linked Community Charter School how to identify different blood types through chemistry. As a fun exercise, the middle schoolers were given a “mystery blood” and through chemical analysis identified what type blood they were given. In some cases, students were given an initial blood type to identify and then three others that may or may not match. The students were tasked to identify blood type through a chemical process. During the activity, active discussions revolved around the 8 different blood types; how and why they are classified as A, B, AB or O;the importance of donating blood; and careers that would use this type of skill set.

The kids were amazing and it really reminded us of how much we love science and opening up all types of possibilities for kids hungry to learn more. It reminded us of why we started L3 Academy. There was a need (there’s still a need) and the kids need an outlet to be creative in STEM. Our love of math and science really drove us to open L3 and the Linked Community Charter School students with their enthusiasm and curiosity reminded us. It’s not often that we get to instruct these days, but when we do, it’s always a pleasure.

Image (pictured from left to right): Martika Williams and Kwadwo Asare of The NY Academy of Sciences; Yin Chang, co-founder, L3 Academy; and Zaid Choudhry of The NY Academy of Sciences. L3 Academy co-founder Kim McGuire was present at the event, but was busy blood typing with kids.

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