L3 Robotics Club

"Kids love robots. They’re this fanciful, cool thing." – Cynthia Breazeal, director of the Personal Robot Group at MIT Media Laboratory.

From competitive robotics to next-level challenges, the L3 Academy Robotics Club is a series of programs for students who either want to explore challenging and fun projects beyond “just the build” or for those who are seeking to compete. We look at robotics as a journey, not a “one and done”. As a young, interdisciplinary field, robotics offers a fun, hands-on learning experience that enables and empowers children to develop critical life skills.

Next Level Robotics

Though a series of classes, our students build on their robotics skills –building, programming, critical thinking and the ability to work together. Current, future and previous classes include: Next Level Robotics, SumoBots, SoccerBots, Robot Olympics and more. Each class is a series of challenges, where the students learn new skills and learning is self-paced. Please view our classes or camp pages to see additional Next Level Robotics classes.

Next Level/Non-Competitive Robotics

L3 Robotics Club participates in a non-competitive robotics showcase with students ages 6 to 10. Kids team-up in groups of 2 to 6 to collaborate and work together to meet the challenge put out by U.S. FIRST. This year’s challenge is Aqua Adventure.

Our L3 team has been coaching robotics teams for 6+ years. This non-competitive robotics program will open up the world of robotics and its possibilities for children who are seeking to do more than “just the build.” It is advisable, but not mandatory to have taken some robotics classes prior to registering for this program. Read more.

1st Year L3 Droids Competitive Robotics Team

L3 Robotics Club (Competitive)

Winning is not the most important thing in competition. L3 Academy believes that the journey, the comradery, the shared experience, learning and sportsmanship are the most essential part of any competition. L3 Robotics Club participates in several robotics competitions including US First’s FIRST

LEGO League competition. Requirements for this competition are: Grades 5-8; mandatory training session or equivalent experience; maturity; availability to attend competition day; registration by August 15, 2017. Competitive robotics training programs are held in winter and summer sessions. We only accept a select number of students in our robotics training programs. Read more.

Guided Robotics Builds for Novice & Intermediate

For kids who just LOVE building with LEGO®, K’NEX®, and Snap Circuits, L3 Academy offers a series of robotics classes for those who just love to build. Our guided builds offer a fun environment to learn more about different gears, robot terms and find new friends with similar interests. Please view our classes or camp pages to see additional robotics classes.