Coding Academy

Create your own adventure, interactive story or video game and start learning how to program. Our classes can be taken as a standalone class or as a way to build competency. Each class builds competency within a specific software program. The progression starts with drag and drop icon-based programming and ends with script programming. We have suggested grade levels for each of the programming courses, but if your child(ren) has/have taken courses previously or shows a propensity for this subject matter, please contact us for an assessment and placement.

Intro to Programming I, II & III (Suggested Grades 3-8)

This class is a prerequisite for Building an App. 2nd grade assessment required to enter class. Intro to Programming I: students begin to learn the framework for creating a program from if/then statements to how to control movement on an X/Y axis to customizing avatars and their environments. A mini game is programmed. Intro to Programming II: Students will take the knowledge and apply it to creating a program from scratch using some additional commands and complex variables. Intro to Programming III is where our young coders will code their own game or interactive story from concept to completion. Programs used will be MIT Scratch, BYOB. This programming track is geared towards script programming in the next series.

Build Your Own App (Suggested Grades 3-9)

Everyone has an idea for an app. Why not turn it into a reality? Through the use of an App Inventor, can you come up with the next Angry Birds, Bejeweled or something to help mankind? Those proficient in Scratch and Alice will be able to create more sophisticated apps. Apps are compatible with Android. Intro to Programming I is required and Intro to Programming II is encouraged, but not required.

Videogame: X-Box Programming (Suggested Grades 2-6)

Using icon-based, object-oriented software program, students will create video games and trouble shoot each other’s creations. This class is a fun way to introduce children to icon-based coding in a familiar environment.

Python (Level 1) (Grades 6-9)

Explore Python script basics from how to store and manipulate numbers; variables, integrated development environment, loops and how to make decisions with your program. Students will create Magic8Ball and EtchASketch programs. Students with knowledge of MIT Scratch, Alice or BYOB will easily.