At the heart of entrepreneurship and financial literacy is math. As parents and entrepreneurs ourselves, our love of math translated itself into our careers and (eventually) to L3 Academy. L3 Academy will introduce a series of entrepreneurship and financial literacy programs to promote understanding of how money moves and how business works.

Stock Wizards:

L3 students will be starting out with $100,000 in virtual cash to make real work financial decisions, while learning financial concepts – from investment portfolio strategies to long-term savings to compound interest. Our stockbrokers will create, manage and analyst an online investment portfolio on a trading platform. Market concepts covered during the program: corporations, stock and ticker symbols, exchange/market, diversification, bonds, risks, stock price, dividends and earnings. Ideally, rising students in grades 4-8 would participate. In 2017, an L3 Academy Stock Wizard student was named the 2nd ranking NJ trader in the Stock Market Game and honored at the SIFMA/Stock Market Game annual event.


Check back in the November for more information.