STEM Young Learners

Young children have an innate curiosity and the ability to absorb information. Our mission is to make learning fun and a lifelong journey with our Young Learners Programs for students ages 4 to 6. The three pillars of our Young Learners Programs are enhancing motivation, building confidence and creating experiential learning opportunities.

L3 Academy provides a series of programs geared towards younger children interested in technology, science and math.

Early Simple Machines with LEGO® (Grades PreK-K)

Young learners will experiment by creating simple machines incorporating gears, wheels, pulleys and axles using large LEGO® DUPLO®. Our young learners will build models as well as be given challenges. Parent take-homes will be given out each week to describe the activities and empower parents to reinforce the learning objectives.

Jr. Scientists Program (Grades PreK, K, 1)

Our young scientists will learn through discussion, creation and hands-on experimentation in areas such as earth science, physics and chemistry. Each Jr. Scientist program has themed topics with learning objectives in each session and parent take-homes describing the activities in each class that empower parents to reinforce/continue with the learning objectives at home.Several themes to choose from:

  • States of Matter
  • Earth & Mars
  • World Explorers
  • Winter Science
  • Kitchen Science
  • And more . . .

L3 Academy believes that exposure to different STEM activities and, eventually, a commitment to more in-depth learning will assist in building 21st Century skills from interpersonal communications to foundational learning. With each weekly lesson, L3 Academy sends home a parent hand-out that enables the parents to reinforce/continue with the learning objectives at home.